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  • Gobbal Pastures - 12 棉球
  • Celestial Prairies - 34 天界羊
  • Treechnid Dungeon - 47 树精
  • Dark Hurl Docks - 58 海盗本
  • The Cro-cave - 67 科尔巴小乌鸦
  • Mussly Hammam - 88 果冻岛珍蚌
  • The YeCh'TiWawa's Kennel - 100 吉狼狼副本
  • Castuc Dungeon - 118 傻哈哈沙漠仙人掌副本
  • Black Wabbit Dungeon - 123 兔子岛黑兔本
  • Villainy Vineyards - 135 1.48版本新开的副本
  • Enurado Dungeon - 147 宝藏神域宝藏副本
  • Kanniball Dungeon - 174 月亮岛食人魔副本


Level 67 (i.e. 33.3% of max level) has access to 5/12 (41.67%)
Level 100 (i.e. 50% of max level) has access to 7/12 (58.33%)
Level 150 (i.e. 75% of max level) has access to 11/12 (91.67%)



  • Swift Crafting Potion  增加制造的药水商城600水晶
  • Swift Harvesting Potion  增加收获的药水商城600水晶
  • Prospecting Flask  勘探药水商城600水晶
  • Shushu Haven Bag Kit  魔族庇护带套装商城450水晶
  • Growth Kibble  宠物饼干商城400水晶
  • Smithmagic Hammer 符文锤商城600水晶
  • Eliocube 这个是个新玩意,庇护带内的装饰,没图
  • White Sadida Bag  白萨迪达包裹商城4000水晶
  • Totemization 图腾表情
  • Angel Wings 天使表情
  • Infernal Costume 头上冒火的那个衣服
  • Mika El Jacq-Son 迈克尔杰克逊舞步表情
  • Flag Planter 插旗子的表情
  • Scroll of Absolution 洗点卷轴
  • Deep Sea Costume 深海服饰
  • Aboon 小月月(某些人的最爱)
  • Techno-Costume 叫啥来着,之前充值送的。



You've heard about Hercules, right? He's the half-man half-legend known for travelling the world and completing 12 big labors. What if we told you that, from October 27th to November 6th, you can become a legend yourself?

You weren't planning on spending your holidays or free time relaxing, were you? There's no chance of that when we're giving you the opportunity to become a hero and win plenty of giftsBetween 0:01 on October 27th and 23:59 on November 6th, we're providing you with a list of 12 dungeons to "visit". Let's be clear about this, we're not suggesting you take a nice relaxing stroll, we want you to teach those bosses a lesson!

Here's the dungeon list:

  • Gobbal Pastures
  • Celestial Prairies
  • Treechnid Dungeon
  • Dark Hurl Docks
  • The Cro-cave
  • Mussly Hammam
  • The YeCh'TiWawa's Kennel
  • Castuc Dungeon
  • Black Wabbit Dungeon
  • Villainy Vineyards
  • Enurado Dungeon
  • Kanniball Dungeon

For each completed dungeon from this list, you will win a Mystery Box. So, if you make it to the end of the challenge, there are 12 Mystery Boxes for you to collect. And for those of you who complete ten or more dungeons, you will get a bonus gift: 2 Heroes (15 Days) and the title: Master of Destiny. Just remember that you have to complete different dungeons, and not just the same one several times over, if you want to get the gifts!The Mystery Box contains:

  • Swift Crafting Potion
  • Swift Harvesting Potion
  • Prospecting Flask
  • Shushu Haven Bag Kit
  • Growth Kibble
  • Smithmagic Hammer
  • Eliocube
  • White Sadida Bag
  • Totemization
  • Angel Wings
  • Infernal Costume
  • Mika El Jacq-Son
  • Flag Planter
  • Scroll of Absolution
  • Deep Sea Costume
  • Aboon
  • Techno-Costume

For those who aren't yet familiar with  the Mystery Box principle, it's simple: open it, and you'll win one of the items it contains at random.You can, of course, start in any order you like and complete the dungeons of your choosing from the list. The only restriction we're imposing is the timing!

Warning, you can only complete this challenge once per account.

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