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Since WAKFU's birthday falls on February 29, it won't be celebrated this year… Aperirel Fools*! Did you really think we'd overlook the sixth anniversary of the MMO you love so much? All weekend long, everything in the Shop is half off! Happy anniversary!

Enutrofs aren't the only ones who like saving money and getting a good deal. A good adventurer must spare their horse, but also their pocketbook. The trick is knowing when to spend!

To mark WAKFU's sixth trip around the sun, everything in the Shop (except Ogrine packs, of course!) is 50% off! For this birthday, you'll be getting the presents. So go ahead and splurge: the sale starts on Friday, February 23 at 11:00 AM CET and goes until Sunday the 25th 11:59 PM CET!

One last detail: the purchase of Boosters is limited to one per account.


* That's Xelor's favorite joke: shouting Aperirel Fools for any reason at all. It always leaves Iop in a state of deep puzzlement.


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