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坐骑外观为账号绑定+角色绑定 不可交易

After packs, runs and costumes, now the Tofu mount skins are going four-on-the-floor to show you a good time! Available in the shop individually or in packs, from Thursday, October 8 through Wednesday, October 21st. Don't let them fly away!


We knew that Tofus were enthusiastic little critters, but this is crazy! The World of Twelve's most famous feathered friends are available in 4 versions, offering mount skins to make you as light as a feather, solid as a rock, all fired up or as happy as a Snapper in the sea!

Whether you opt for the Incandescent, Aerial, Aquatic, or Rocky Tofu Skin, what matters most is that you feel like you're in your element!

Available in the shop from Thursday, October 8 at 10:00 AM (Paris time) to Wednesday, October 21 at 11:59 PM (Paris time), each mount skin will be sold individually (for €6 or 4,500 OG) or in packs (for €20 or 15,500 OG).