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From now through Wednesday, August 5, a new mount skin straight out of your earliest childhood memories is making its appearance in the shop. Get ready for some wild swerving and powerful bursts of speed!

As any Dragokart champion will tell you, it's not always the biggest engine that wins the race. It's more important to keep control of your vehicle, manage its speed, and take it gently through the curves. And the new Speedster Mount Skin will prove it to you!

Inspired by the new Osamosa update, its design is based on the ever-popular Gobgob, the iconic companion of the most animal-friendly class in the World of Twelve. Its mischievous smile and its streamlined exterior made from scraps of real plywood is a perfect choice for classic car lovers… or anyone who's just a big kid at heart.

Available in the shop from today through Wednesday, August 5, this skin will put a few extra Bow Meows under your hood!