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从2018年3月16日至19日,在2018年内有购买过WIP的用户 ,每天将有两次抽奖机会。奖品有:法国青蛙服装,潘达旺主题庇护袋外观,烟花,各种BUFF糖果等。


It's Saint Potrick once again, and that means it's your chance to play one… no, scratch that… two tickets per day! From tomorrow through March 19th, play Quick Potrick and win gifts that will have all your friends turning green with envy!

From 10:00 AM on March 16th through 11:59 PM on March 19th, come and try your luck at our Quick Potrick scratch-off game – because the goddess Sacrier isn't the only one being honored this month! In case you didn't know, Saint Potrick celebrates the accession of the goddess Pandawa. If you've got a spare minute (and enough brain cells left) between two pints of fermented bamboo milk, you can scratch off two tickets every day and get a chance to win:

  • The Pandawa Haven Bag
  • The Froggy Costume
  • A Green Saint Potrick Fairy
  • A Green Saint Potrick Candy
  • A Wisdom Candy of Fortune

We'll bet you're just itching to play! So stretch out those fingers and wrists and get ready to give your mouse a workout!



  • In order to play, you must have an active Booster, or you must have made a purchase from the Shop as of 1 January 2018.