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礼包内容:GOD WIP*30天,矿塔票*3,蒸汽之神时装,蒸汽行者庇护袋外观,宠物勾爪机器人(满级30生命,30全伤,15全抗)




After have gone all out – no, not on the town – with the gods, it's back to class for the packs! The Foggernauts are kicking things off by offering you the most steaming-hot pack of the year until September 26.

The Foggernauts – descendants of a people who found refuge in the underwater city of Sufokia long ago – are resurfacing, nuts and bolts at the ready, in new packs! Make the new animated Eye of the Abysses Costume yours and build up a head of steam for your adventure!


  • Eye of the Abysses Costume (animated and new!)
  • Clawbot Pet
  • Foggernaut Haven Bag Kit
  • 3 Mineral Tower Tickets
  • 30 Day God Booster

The Foggernaut Pack is waiting for you in the store until 11:59 PM CEST on Wednesday, September 26 for just €18!