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From October 16 to 23, the newest Mystery Box is free with boosters! A mixed bag of awesomeness containing various items sold in the Shop during the past three months, the Fall Folly Mystery Box will give you a boost for winter!


Missed it by a hair? No worries. We're giving you a second chance to get your hands on the Fall Folly Mystery Box! It's yours for free with the purchase of the 7-Day Adventure Booster. Baba, the Meridia of Appetite, also has a treat up his sleeve:

  • 7-day Hero Booster = 2 free Mystery Boxes
  • 7-day God Booster = 3 free Mystery Boxes
  • 30-day Adventure Booster = 4 free Mystery Boxes
  • 30-day Hero Booster = 5 free Mystery Boxes
  • 30-day God Booster = 6 free Mystery Boxes

And to make it all more mouth-watering, this Mystery Box could contain:

Common Items:

  • Ember Island Costume
  • Patriot Costume

Uncommon Items:

  • Natroyal Costume
  • Mika-El Jakson Super Emote

Rare Items:

  • Wonder Costume
  • Black Iop Costume
  • King of the Forest Costume

 You have until October 23 at 11:59 p.m. (CEST) to take advantage of this offer!