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其中最具人气的奖品有 四国爱国跑步姿势,情人节甜心时装,万圣节时装,声音盗贼时装,阿努比斯狼坐骑外观,木乃伊表情,惊吓礼物盒表情,黑夸夸庇护袋外观 等多种奖品


They came, you saw them, and then you lost sight of them… missed connections, every one. But we're giving you a second chance to make a connection with a Mystery Box that's as stuffed as a Dragoturkey on a feast day – the Rubik's Cube!

One Mystery Box to hold them all! Even the squarest of the square will want to behold its inner beauty. That's right, the Rubik's Cube holds many a treasure: the entire contents of the four Mystery Boxes from 2019, no more, no less! Which one will you find this time –

The Rubik's Cube is available in the shop for just 1,500 ogrines each. It can also be yours for free with any purchase of a pack of at least 6,000 ogrines.
Only some consumables are linked, races and mount skins are not linked.

Hurry: After Wednesday, January 1, 2020 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time), it'll be too late!


These items are not available in Belgium.
In order to comply with the Belgium Gaming Commission's recommendations, we removed our Mystery Boxes from the shop and from the game.