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Let's all have a Karnaval vibe! Get your feathers, masks, and glitters, until Thursday March 7 11:59 PM, it's party time!

Starting today and until March 7, the Karnaval Costume will be a bonus gift with any purchase of a pack of at least 13,000 Ogrines!

With its colorful style and elegant feathers, you will match this week’s theme! Are you shaped like an H, an A or a W? Does your skin look like an overly ripe cawwot or is it as sallow as that of a vampire? No matter: Everyone will agree that this costume suits you to a T! Designed to adapt to all body types, the Karnaval Costume also lets you go undetected and therefore crash costume parties without getting caught! Behind a Boowolf, you'll be able to do what you like and no one will be able to guess your real identity…

Don't be shy: Let your beauty shine in this majestic outfit!



  • The promotion is available for the web Shop only.
  • Ogrine packs vary from country to country. The item appears in your cart before confirming your order.