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You've started the year with your heart full of new year's resolutions. From now on, you're determined to start each day with a downward-facing Bow Wow pose, followed by a cobra pose or two! And to make sure you don't slip on a citronana peel during your morning routine, a new emote is waiting for you in the shop. Get ready to do a few headstands!

Have the holidays emptied your pockets, and eaten up all your dough? No matter! You're determined to stop twisting yourself into knots over such trivial matters!

To spread the word – and your positive vibes – to other Twelvians, show them that there's no need to have a big head and that, no matter what age or rank you are, every adventurer has an inner child napping inside them!

The Headstand emote is your way of proving that you don't need to have your feet on the ground to keep a good head on your shoulders!

Available in the shop until January 23 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time) in currencies and ogrines.