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WIP 30天,低语狼坐骑外观(绑定,不限坐骑),低语时装,低语军团表情

It's nearly time for you to explore the Shhhudoku Kingdom. Its Murmoors, its tundra, its ice floe… There's something unique about that mysterious place. Just like you. So, before taking the plunge, pick up a pack that will help you stay afloat!

It's a cape, it's a rock, it's a peninsula! Nope, it's Grampar, a stone giant from another time. Patience – you'll soon get to meet the Crackler that shapes the Shhhudoku Kingdom with its granite curves…

Until then, you should grab the proper equipment to take on the Whisperers, Scramshells, Pingwins, and Plantiguards that have taken up residence on the colossus's back! As it happens, we've heard whispers that the Whisperer Pack is just the thing for stone-cold adventurers such as yourself! This pack contains:

  • 30-day God Booster
  • Whispered Boowolf Skin (linked to the account)
  • Whisperer Costume
  • Whisperer Guard Emote


This pack is now available in the shop!