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礼包内容:30天GOD WIP,伊欧普之神动态时装,庇护袋外观,伊欧普之神终结特效,矿塔门票*3,doge宠物*1(狂暴伤害100,3暴击)


After Feca, always making a fuss, the God Pack invites you to go on the offensive. From today, make way for Iop, armed with his bravery, his sword, and his brain cell!

The God Pack is wading in. Growing weak is out of the question in July! After having regained your strength, it's time to use it. That's what the Iop God Pack will let you do, with its three new items:

  • Headless Knight Costume (animated!)
  • God Iop Finisher
  • Iop Haven Bag Kit
  • Dauge pet
  • 3 Mineral Tower Tickets
  • 30 Day God Booster

The Iop God Pack is available in the shop until 11:59 PM CEST on Wednesday, August 1 for just €20!

You could spend some time refining your strategy, but in the end, you'll go for the most obvious approach: diving right in!




  • The finisher is linked.
  • The pack is also available on the ingame shop for Steam users.

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