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超级饼干:能让宠物或者坐骑直接升到50级,绑定道具。 10000水晶

doge:宠物类,狂暴伤害,暴击。  6000水晶


It'd already shown the tip of its nose in the Wow! Pack in early June, and now it's back! It has traveled kilokameters on its tiny papaws all the way to the Shop in the hopes of finding a welcoming home. Don't disappoint it: Adopt Dauge! Free when you purchase a super Growth Kibble, or available in the Shop for 6,000 Ogrines.

Great News!  Dauge's adoption into the family of pets is now official! With the imminent arrival of the Ouginaks in the game, this tiny ball of fur sniffed out a good opportunity to take up a definitive place in the World of Twelve. We bet you won't be able to resist its hypnotic stare and stubby legs that give it the appearance of a four-legged Lousy Pig sausage. Shower it with love and attention –a waterfall of love and a mountain of attention – and Dauge will do the same to you.

Indeed, this pet is free when you purchase a super Growth Kibble, or sold in the Shop for 6,000 Ogrines. Get ready to become addicted. Very addicted…

You'd be such a fool not to take advantage of these offers! So don't miss out!