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礼包内容:中国服饰*1  中国节主题家具四件套,宠物龙Dratathrosk*1(LV50 30生命 50近战 40范围)



The Incandescent Pack is here and it's going to set the Spring Has Sprung celebrations on fire! It'll be waiting for you in the Shop until Sunday, February 10.

Its red and gold brilliance will give you an irresistible aura when strolling down the streets of Astrub in search of rewards to be won during the Spring Has Sprung event! Don't waver any longer: the Incandescent Pack is perfect for you!

It contains the following:

  • a Lantern Festival Costume OR a Spring Has Sprung Costume (your choice)
  • a Dratathrosk pet
  • a potted plant
  • a decorative wardrobe
  • a fan
  • a hanging lamp

The Incandescent Pack will be available in the shop until Sunday, February 10 11:59 PM (Paris time) for just €10.