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即日起至7月16日,商城出售新跑步姿态“足球跑”,售价6000水晶, 帐号绑定。


Admire this fancy footwork! Look at what expert feet can do with a Gobbowl ball! You'll never manage, will you? That's why this new run was created: to make you even better than you already are. Go to the Shop.

It's a seasonal thing: You've always dreamed of joining Lamechester United, Real Gobbly haunts your dreams, and you paint the colors of the Untamable Scurvions on your mug… You're ready to do what it takes to run on a field with a Gobbowl ball at your feet!!

With the new Gobbowl Run, you don't even need training, nor an ounce of talent: Your character moves like a champion!

The Gobbowl Run is available in the Shop for just 6,000 OG until 11:59 PM CEST on Monday, July 16.

Hop… errr, run to it!