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Sunday, we celebrated together the final match of the World Cup and we promised you a surprise in case the French team was victorious!

This is what was promised and this is what must be delivered. The French team won the match and today we want to share our joy with you!

If you are a Gobbowl fan, then this outfit is for you! All players connected between July 13 at 12:01 am (server time) and July 16 at 11:59 pm (server time) will receive the Boufbowler set in their gift interface tomorrow. Show everyone your love for the Gobbowl with this set straight out of the WAKFU series!

And that's not all, complete your style with the Gobball emote offered in all Ogrines packs until Monday, July 23. Yes yes, we said all!

With all that, you no longer have an excuse to stay on the sideline. Let's train for the next cup of Twelve!

Note: The Ogrines pack offer is only available once per account.