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Another year, another haunted festival: Al Howin! What would the event be without its tricks… and its treats! Defend the World of Twelve from the tricksters spreading curses and stealing your treats.Come to Astrub starting on Tuesday, October 24!

From October 24 (after the update) to November 7 (at 10 a.m. server time), the evil Al Howin witch will be back to haunt you!

It's time to send her and her servants back where they came from and stop them from spreading chaos. After all, how can the inhabitants of Astrub enjoy Al Howin in the presence of such danger?

Make the streets of Astrub more peaceful and you'll be rewarded. Here are the details:

  • An exclusive dungeon available in Astrub throughout the event.
  • A legion of Cursed Gobballs, Ghouls, and something new, the Al Howin Mummies!
  • Unusual-looking villagers, the "Pumpkwinners".

Join in for a chance to obtain special Al Howin rewards:

  • 18 exclusive Haven Bag decorations, 4 of which are animated.
  • 2 exclusive costumes.
  • 6 exclusive titles.
  • 8 achievements related to the Al Howin quest.%image_alt%

Three repeatable quests are also available from the NPC Katrina, who is located in the Astrub hunters' camp, in order to earn tokens to trade at the Al Howin machine!

Environmental quests prepared for the event will also let you obtain special Al Howin tokens!

Don't drag your feet! See you in Astrub starting tomorrow and rid the city of the evil witch!