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Wondering what new surprises he'll be hatching this year? For Etnop, the Meridia of Eggs, Fleaster is definitely no yolking matter, so he's been scrambling to to whip up a truly delicious event for you! Chocolate Wodents are on the prowl in Astrub… It's time to cut them down to (bite) size! And of course, there are lots of gifts to be won!

In this challenging time, the World of Twelve's Kwaks are joining their voices in song to support the "Feathered Friends" association. Everywhere she goes, event ambassador Lamal shares a message that's dripping with more syrupy sweetness than the gooey center of a Fleaster praline, singing as loudly as she can to anyone who will listen (and especially those who have no other choice) about "doing our be-e-est… to lay eggs for those stuck in theirne-e-ests!"
For many Twelvians, the Fleaster holiday is all about stuffing their faces with sweet, delicious chocolate in all its forms. But it's also a great time to load up on gifts! From Monday, April 13 10:00 AM (server time) to April 27 10:00 AM (server time), some very special Wodents will be twitching their chocolatey ears under adventurers' noses. Talk about a tasty tweat!
Here are the gifts you could win:
o Three exclusive titles linked to the event
o A Haven Bag Kit
o A Fleaster Wodent Set
o Haven Bag decorations
o Cosmetic equipment
o And of course, consumables!

This year, the Fleaster fun also includes two repeatable quests per day (activated by talking to the Etnop NPC, who you'll find in Astrub Center), plus four exclusive achievements just for this event!