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You thought you were rid of it, but not at all! Just like mosquitoes and jellyfish, La Mädrague is coming back to Bilbiza. Stop the Sändskate invasion right now and discover the new gifts waiting for you!

Your fight to halt La Mädrague begins in Astrub! Go talk to Gnat, the Meridia of Shells, and follow his instructions.

Discover (or rediscover, doing better than last year) the challenges you'll need to overcome:

  • the Sändskate family, which will give you plenty to chew over;
  • a quest (accessible in Astrub, starting from level 10) that will lead you to the Märine Pälace (level-30 dungeon);
  • a level-50 archmonster.

And clinch the new sets and weapons that will reward your efforts!

Don't let La Mädrague spread: The fight starts now!