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即日起至2020年2月4日下午5点,今年的中国节活动又开始了,活动内容和去年前年大前年一样,通过在新手村打限时出现的任务怪和完成新年任务获得活动币 可以换取樱花外观斗篷和帽子,以及变色樱花树枝,奥古狂热者时装,宠物阿年(60单体,1统率)。



Twelvians are great at always finding good (and not-so-good) excuses to celebrate… Kwismas magic has barely waved goodbye and they're already gearing up to celebrate spring! Trade in your winter cap for a pretty flower crown, because the festivities start tomorrow!

Celebrating spring in the middle of February, now that's a contradiction that doesn't bother Twelvians any more than their first Boowolf Strings do.

Starting tomorrow at 10:00 AM (Paris time) and until February 4 10:00 AM (Paris time), head to Astrub where peculiar Gobballs are springing up just about everywhere, and where members of the Occult Cult are lurking and – even at the risk of disappointing you – won't be showering you in just flowers. On the menu for the festivities:

  • 1 main quest involving Ogrest's Cult, rewarded with the Occult Cult Costume;
  • 3 achievements, including "Like a Cherry Blossom" that gives you a chance to earn the title "Flower Prince or Princess"; and
  • Repeatable quests from Katrina Slevastan (Guild of Hunters' camp in Astrub), rewarded with tokens that let you get the following items from the spring machine:
    • the Sakuya Cape,
    • the Dora Nami Helmet, and
    • Mystical Sakura Cuttings.


What are you waiting for to tiptoe through the tulips?
Let's go!