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You thought you'd get out of it this year, but it's scratching at your door again! The Al Howin curse is back with a new kind of frighteningly cute monsters: Ghost Yokai. Also on the program (among other things): an animated Haven Bag to scratch and Jackpot the Ripper to win (or the other way round).

From October 23 until 11:59 PM (Paris time) on November 6, the World of Twelve is getting Pumpkwinned again! The Al Howin dungeon is back, but not only that! New creatures, the Yokai, have left their burrows to invade the far corners of Astrub. It appears that these little Lenald-like ghosts have been possessed by a mysterious evil… With Pumpkwins and mummies to boot, the Twelvians really didn't need this! So let's kick 'em to the Curcurbitaceae!

Up for grabs: a Yokai Haven Bag and a title, both of which are exclusive!

But wait, there's more! In these sorrowful times, at least there's one person you'll be pleased to see again: Jackpot the Ripper! The little scoundrel loves a good scratch… Tickle him in the right place and you'll win one of the following prizes:

  • Small Pumpkind
  • Evil Fishcake
  • Ghast Gum
  • Borbat Tree
  • Ghoul Costume
  • Scarab Haven Bag Kit
  • Not forgetting the brand-new animated Kitsune Haven Bag Kit!

So have a Pumpkwin field day! From Friday October 26th until Tuesday October 30th, transform your Al Howin nightmares into dreams!

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